Disabled & Special Need Passengers

Disabled & Special Need Passengers

Disabled & Special Need Passengers

Special Needs Passengers

  • Accompanied Babies and Children
  • Unaccompanied Children
  • Pregnant Women
  • Sick or Disabled Passengers

Type of travel and required documentation for passengers under these classifications may differ for each airline. It is recommended that you obtain information from the related airline.

Disabled Passengers

Services that we provide at Istanbul Ataturk Airport to make travelling easier:

  • Phones that directly connect to special assistants.
  • Immediate assistance via special phones with an instruction manual written in Braille specially designed to be visible and easily accessible day and night.
  • Assistance centers in five different locations (Domestic Terminal_Departure and Arrival, International Terminal_Departure and Arrival, Subway Entrance).
  • Crosswalk warning bumps indicating direction.
  • Semi-dome shaped warning spots on the ground.
  • Easy access to special phones and service areas enabled by the warning bumps.
  • Belt conveyors and escalators with painted steps.
  • Crosswalk warning bumps in front of elevators, escalators, belt conveyors and ramps.
  • Crosswalks for the disabled around the terminals and special warning signs for drivers.
  • Designated parking areas for the disabled.
  • Induction loop systems at information desks for the hearing impaired.
  • Information and directing kiosks.
  • Designated restrooms for the disabled with automatic doors and lighting, emergency announcements and location signs written in Braille.
  • Announcement systems in elevators.
  • Lifts in front of the aircraft doors facilitating the boarding of disabled passengers (in all locations except for the Domestic Terminal bridge).
  • Specially designed chairs for the disabled in lounges.
  • Handrails located at passenger transaction spots in the terminal.
  • Pay phones at specific heights designed for the disabled with wheelchairs.
  • Ramps with handrails in the terminal and parking lot.
  • Assistance services for the disabled (provided by the ground handling companies).
  • Designated check-in counters for the disabled at Turkish Airlines.
  • Special service area for disabled and elderly passengers behind the passport control points at the international departure terminal.
  • Wheelchairs and escort services provided by the ground handling companies to assist disabled passengers in getting on and off the plane.

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