Frequently Asked Questions

While selling the Freepark Smart Parking Barrier, we’ve accumulated a shortlist of the most popular FAQ queries, most typically asked by our customers.

q: Who controls Freepark Smart Parking Barriers placed in handicapped parking areas?


A: People with disabilities take a picture of their handicapped ID card and send it via smartphone application. Approval and authorizations are handled by our company in minutes. Then, they can control Freepark Smart Parking Barriers in handicapped parking lots.

q: What if someone occupies handicapped parking lot, when it is forgotten while open?


A: It is not possible since Freepark Smart Parking Barrier has a sensor on it to detect if the car has left or not. When the parked car has left, it closes automatically and prevents a possible occupation.

q: There is no wiring in my parking lot, what can I do?


A: Freepark Smart Parking Barrier doesn’t need wiring. Freepark Smart Parking Barrier works with an included battery and it can last more than 3 months without charging.

q: How can I understand if the battery has run out?


A: By using Freepark web panel you can monitor battery level of Freepark Smart Parking Barrier. And also Freepark Smart Parking Barrier alerts with an audible alarm when its battery has run out.


q: What should I do when Freepark Smart Parking Barrier's battery has run out?


A: You should charge your battery with the original adaptor that is included in the box. Then you can continue using the Freepark Smart Parking Barrier.

q: How does Freepark Smart Parking Barrier work, should I pay bills for internet connection?


A: Freepark Smart Parking Barrier works with new technology Bluetooth Smart and doesn’t have any internet connection. Hence, you don’t have to pay monthly bills for internet connection.

q: Can I use Freepark Smart Parking Barrier with my existing software?


A: Yes, you can use Freepark Smart Parking Barrier with your existing processes after integrating it by using Freepark Rest API. For further detailed information, you can visit https://developer.freepark.co.