Recieving Notifications on Freepark Control Panel

Recieving Notifications on Freepark Control Panel

To receive batter level notifications of your Freepark Smart Parking Barrier, log in Freepark Panel and click “Notifications” button placed in the sidebar.

You will see text and e-mail notifications are available. You can either chose one of them or choose both.

If you prefer to receive text notifications, click “SMS Notifications” button. On the next page, you will type the GSM number you want to receive notifications and use “Save” button to save it.

(GSM number don’t have to be registered as an authorized number.)


Verify the number you have added by typing the 4-digit code delivered via text on the pop-up box. The number you have added will start receiving text notifications when a battery level is below 25%. (If you no longer need notifications, you can delete registered number by clicking “Delete” button on the same line.)

If you prefer e-mail notifications, click on “E-mail Notifications”. Type the email adress you want to receive notifications, and click on “Save” button. (If you no longer need to receive notifications, you can delete the registered email by clicking “Delete” button on the same line.)

After you confirm the email sent, you can receive e-mail notifications when battery level of a barrier is below 25%.

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